Thursday, August 17, 2017

Closed Reserves

Closed Reserves

Closed Reserve materials include books and films that have been gathered by instructors to support class assignments. These may be required readings, supplementary materials, or anything an instructor has deemed necessary or useful for the class. For example: if you would like your students to read chapters from a specific book, you can put the entire book on reserve in the library.

Items will circulate for two hours with no overnight loan unless you select one of the other options. By choosing the 2-hour loan option, it allows multiple students to utilize the materials without them leaving the library.

Loan periods:
  • 2-hour loan, no overnight loan
  • 1-day loan
  • 3-day loan, or
  • 7-day loan (1 week)
How Are Materials Placed on Closed Reserve?
Closed Reserve request forms are available at the library circulation deskIf you would like to have course reserve materials ready for the first week of Autumn Semester, you can also submit the Closed Reserve Form located within the Faculty/Staff Libguide for MTC or OSU

Please be sure to fill out the form completely and return it to the library along with the materials that you wish to be placed on reserve. You can also place personal copies of materials on reserve. Please note: instructors are responsible for securing any copyright permission on personal materials.

If you would like us to request books or videos from other OSU libraries, please also bring a list of the desired materials. Please note: Materials from OhioLINK libraries CANNOT be placed on reserve. 

There is no limit on the number of items you can place on reserve, but we strongly encourage you to place no more than 2 copies of a single item on reserve.

Please do not assume that your department has materials on reserve for your courses.

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